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Top 9 KVK Mistakes – The Lost Kingdom Event


1. Farming Individual Points Inefficiently – KVK Mistakes Don’t be rush, Do not farm Barbarians so early! Because there are only lvl 26-30 Barbarians spawning in the map. Estimating your Lost Kingdom Situation, if your Kingdom can progress into the next Stages, then save your  Action Points and start going rampage on lvl 31-35 Barbarians. In the later […]

Free List of all Events in Rise of Kingdoms event calendar

event calendar rise of kingdoms

Rise of kingdoms event calendar Events are the easiest sources to earn valuable items in Rise of Kingdoms. There are a lot of different Events. They usually last for a few days to a week. When an event finishes, there will be another event replacing its slot and it will come back after couples of days, […]

The Best Civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms For Beginner


There are 11 nations in Rise of Kingdoms. Each civilization has its own building architecture styles, starting commanders, perks and special army. The strengths and weaknesses of them bring into the game a lot of interesting matchup. Also, you are able to switch to any other Civilization with ease to fit your playing style and […]

Top 10 Early Rok’s Game Mistakes should Avoid


Rise of kingdoms is a game that new players can easily make mistake in the beginning. Those who can usually made their mistakes and then have to re-play game in another server. With this Top 10 Mistakes ingame, you can never restart again except be zeroed by someone else ^^ 1. Leveling up commanders so […]