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Category Archives: Rise of Kingdom

Tips How to win Bosses in Ians Ballads – Guide

Ians Ballads Guide Guide Rise of Kingdoms

Ians Ballads is a brand new raid event in Rise Of Kingdoms. With your friends, you will fight against many barbarians and 3 main bosses. After each boss, you will receive a chest that contains blueprints for gear and materials. Ian’s Ballads, you can choose 5 difficulties. Ians Ballads Lore  The birth of civilization. The […]

New Ramesses Talent Tree Build

ramesses ii

Ramesses II Rarity: Legendary Other | Favored by Gods Archer | Versatile | Attack Ramesses ’s Skills 1st – Ceremony of Karnak Active SkillRage Requirement: 1000Deals continuous damage to a single target, and reducing the target’s defense for 2 seconds. Upgrades:Additional Damage Factor: 500/550/600/700/800 Defense Reduction: 5%/10%/15%/20%/25% Defense reduction of 25% for two turns is massive because we have high attack damage and the talent tree that we […]

How to Defeat All Bosses in ceroli crisis tips Event


Tip A – Z guide that helps governors defeat all of the bosses from the event Ceroli Crisis Event in Rise of Kingdoms. Ceroli Crisis Event Info Introduction Far in the north, there is an ancient and mysterious barbarian kingdom — Ceroli. The Kingdom of Ceroli has been isolated from the civilized world for ages. […]

New 3 Keira Talent Tree Builds

Keira talent tree builds

Keira Rarity: Epic Other | The Red Chamelon Archer | Peacekeeping | Skill Keira ’s Skills 1st –  Dance of the Flametongue Active SkillRage Requirement: 1000Deals damage to 3 enemies at max in a forward-facing fan-shaped area. The damage will be reduced by 15% for each additional enemy. Upgrades:Direct Damage Factor: 500/600/700/800/1000 Even though there are some damage reductions when she […]

Tip How to Increase Power in Rise of Kingdoms Fast – Guide A to Z

2 maxresdefault

If you’re struggling to increase power in Rise of Kingdoms, then this guide on how to increase power in Rise of Kingdoms fast is definitely the one you are looking for. The strength and advancement of a civilization in Rise of Kingdoms is measured by power. Power is an in-game scale to compare one civilization […]