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Wu Zetian Talent Tree Builds

Wu Zetian

Wu Zetian Rarity: Legendary China | The Eternal Female Emperor Leadership |  Garrison |  Support Cheapest Legendary Commander Extremely Versatile Good for Early, Mid and even Late game. Wu Zetian ’s Skills 1st – Mandate of Heaven Active SkillRage Requirement: 1000 Deal direct damage to a single target and heal a portion of your amry’s wounded troops. Upgrades:Direct Damage Factor: 500 / […]

Top 9 KVK Mistakes – The Lost Kingdom Event


1. Farming Individual Points Inefficiently – KVK Mistakes Don’t be rush, Do not farm Barbarians so early! Because there are only lvl 26-30 Barbarians spawning in the map. Estimating your Lost Kingdom Situation, if your Kingdom can progress into the next Stages, then save your  Action Points and start going rampage on lvl 31-35 Barbarians. In the later […]

Tip to get maximum branches to reach level 25 Branching Out Event

Branching out event after complete level 25 Rise of Kingdoms

Branching out is an event in Rise of kingdoms where you can receive 30 legendary universal sculptures + 7000 gems and many others. During the event, you will receive spring boxes from gathering, city resources collection and killing barbarians and from Farewell, Winter event chains. Each spring box contains tree branches. This is the best […]

Baibars Talent Tree Builds

baibars rise of kingdoms 1

Baibars Rarity: Epic Arabia | Father of Conquest Cavalry | Conquering | Skill Baibars was the forth Sultan of Egypt and Syria during the Mamluk dynasty. In September 1260, he routed the invading Mongol army at the Battle of Ain Jalut – this was the first major defeat ever suffered by the Mongols. During the battle, Baibars implemented a strategy […]

Lohar Talent Tree Build


Lohar Rarity: Epic Other | Roaring Barbarian Integration | Peacekeeping | Support Lohar, born in a remote barbarian fort, showed a great fighting talent that was beyond his age. He training was very strict as part of the main force for protecting the fort. A hard childhood made him so bored at training even hate, but once he experienced a […]

Eulji Mundeok Talent Tree Builds

eulji mundeok

Eulji Mundeok Rarity: Epic Korea | Elegant Demeanor Infantry | Garrison | Attack Eulji Mundeok was born in the mid-6th century and died sometime after 618. As one of the most distinguished military leaders of the Goguryeo period, Eulji Mundeok’s leadership and tactical acumen were the decisive factors in defeating the Sui invasion. Facing numerically superior forces, he developed a […]

Scipio Africanus Talent Tree Builds

scipio africanus

Scipio Africanus Rarity: Epic Rome | Blades of Warfare Leadership | Conquering | Attack Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus was a Roman general and later consul who is often regarded as one of the greatest generals and military strategists of all time. His main achievements were during the Second Punic War where he is best kn own for defeating Hannibal at […]