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Shadow Legion Invasion Event Guide

Shadow Legion Invasion Event

Looking for some details and tips regarding the Shadow Legion Invasion Event in Rise of Kingdoms? Here you go!

Shadow Legion Invasion Event Info:

  1. During the event, a large number of Dark Fortresses will appear on the map.
  2. Alliance members at level 4 and above can choose to start the event at any time (note: Alliance must have at least 30 members).
  3. Once the event has started, the Dark Fortress will send out armies that will march to attack the cities of alliance members.
  4. 25 waves of attacks will be sent out. A lite Shadow Legion army will be sent out once every 5 waved, which can be defeated for extra item rewards.
  5. Governors are eliminated from the event after their city has been Breached twice. Once eliminated, they can no longer be a target for Shadow Legion armies. If all alliance members are eliminated, the event will end.
  6. Using a teleport during a Shadow Legion invasion will be considered as 1 Breach.
  7. If at least 15 members survive all 25 waves, the alliance will unlock the next difficulty of the Shadow Legion Invasion event. The new difficulty level option will be visible the next time the event is started. The alliance leader and officers can select the difficulty in the event panel.
  8. Peace Shields will not save you from the Shadow Legion.
  9. The Shadow Legion’s armies will each have different special skills.
  10. During each event, each alliance only has 1 chance to challenge.

How to get points?

Defeating a Shadow Legion army to earn Individual Points and Alliance Points.

There are 3 ways to get points:

  • Defend City when Shadow Legion army attacks.
  • Attack the Shadow Legion army when they attacks others.
  • Reinforce the cities of alliance’s members who are getting attacked.

Tips to get highest points in Shadow Legion Invasion

Most of the time, it’s better to not attack the marches in the open field because is really stressful for the people who are doing that. Also, If you are doing so, meaning you are taking points away from everybody else who would have their hit city hit but they’re not online. So you’re actively preventing them from being able to get the score for their individual rewards.

Anyway, it’s based on your Alliance’s strategy so make sure you follow the Alliance‘s rules.


If you’re a free-to-play player, you want to be defending against single marches. This means single target damage is what you need here.

  •  Pelagius and  Eulji Mundeok would be a very good pairing.
  •  Sun Tzu +  Eulji Mundeok is another great combo you want to use.
  • Sun Tzu +  Richard I if you alread have Richard with skill 1 Max. Richard will help you to survive

Just don’t forget to leave your garrison commanders in your city if you are at all worried about your city getting defeated when you are running around helping people.


You want commanders that move really quickly to be going between cities fast.

In general, you want to be using Cavalry because cavalry goes super fast and that’s how you can get across cities faster.

Try to maximize your points from helping other player cities.

Other Shadow Legion Tips:

  • You can only earn prizes when both Individual and Alliance Credits reach the target level. For each instance of this event, you will only earn the prize corresponding to the highest level completed. Prizes are sent by in-game mail.
  • If you leave your alliance during the event, your individual credits will be reset to zero.
  • Each Governor can only send one army to attack the Shadow Legion.
  • Peace Shield doesn’t work in this event.
  • You can usually get some reward items every time. There will be a lot of great rewards such as 100 Gems, high-tier speedups, etc.