Spider-Man PS5 remaster has a new face for Peter Parker – but it’s not Tom Holland

Spider-Man PS5 remaster Tom Holland

A more Holland-esque Peter Parker (pic: Sony)

Not only is the remaster of PS4 game Spider-Man getting 60fps and instant loading but Peter Parker has been given a completely new look.

Sony has finally lifted the lid on the PlayStation 5 remaster of PlayStation 4 hit Marvel’s Spider-Man and there’s one change nobody expected: a new actor in the lead role.

Previously, Peter Parker had the face of John Bubniak but now it’s been replaced with Ben Jordan, who you probably haven’t heard of either but at a quick glance looks very similar to Tom Holland.

The facial capture and voiceover is still the same though and is by an entirely separate actor called Yuri Lowenthal – who’s 49 years old, if you’re wondering why they didn’t just use his face.

Going for a Tom Holland lookalike is a slightly odd choice because the version of Peter Parker portrayed in the game really doesn’t act like Holland at all – and seems notably older and more experienced – but there you go.

None of that is going to change how the game plays but the new 60fps performance mode will certainly make a difference, as will the ‘near-instant’ loading (although you can still turn on the cool fast travel animations if you want).

Other characters beyond just Parker will be upgraded, with everything from individually-rendered strands of hair to higher fidelity skin, eyes, and teeth.

New York City will also be getting a makeover, with improved 3D models and textures, ray-traced reflections and ambient shadows, and new sky and weather effects.

The remaster will also feature spatial 3D audio if you’ve got compatible headphones and make use of the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers of the DualSense controller.

There’ll also be new photo mode features, including being able to place light sources in a scene; three new suits; and a new Trophy list.

All of that is, of course, very welcome but the biggest controversy with the remaster remains the fact that it can’t be bought separately and there’s no kind of upgrade option, free or otherwise, from the PlayStation 4 version.

Instead the only way to get the remaster is to either buy the Ultimate Edition of Spider-Man: Miles Morales for £69.99 or buy the standard edition for £51.99 and pay an upgrade fee later.

Sony hasn’t said how much the upgrade fee will be in the UK but it’s $20 in America, so likely to be around £18 here.

The Spider-Man remaster will be a launch game for the PlayStation 5, when it’s released on 19 November.

Spider-Man PS5 remaster render

This is the new ‘Amazing’ suit, based on the Andrew Garfield film (pic: Sony)

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Source: Metro UK

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