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Street Fighter 6 will be announced on Monday claims insider

Street Fighter V

Are you ready for the next generation? (pic: Capcom)

Insider Jeff Grubb says that a Street Fighter 6 announcement is coming on the same day Capcom’s mystery countdown ends.

Earlier this week, a countdown timer appeared on Capcom’s website, with it set to end on Monday, February 21. While there has been some debate over what it could relate to, the most prevalent theory is that it will end with an announcement for Street Fighter 6.

VentureBeat’s own Jeff Grubb, who has regularly shared insider information on video games in the past, says that this is indeed the case, after being asked about the countdown on his GrubbSnax podcast.

As transcribed by GamesRadar, he bluntly answered with ‘It’s Street Fighter 6′, adding that this is what he’s heard from his own sources and the only reason he didn’t bring the topic up himself is because he felt that the countdown being for a new Street Fighter was a given. Although he also said he’s ‘willing to be surprised’.

Grubb didn’t extrapolate any further, so there are no other details, such as what platforms the game will be announced for or its release date. Nor does he mention what form the announcement will take, whether it’ll be a brief, simple teaser or a full-fledged trailer with gameplay.

There is certainly evidence to support Grubb’s claim. After all, February 21 is also the final day of the Capcom Pro Tour Street Fighter 5 tournament. Given Street Fighter’s prevalence in the esports scene and that Capcom has revealed new Street Fighter 5 content during professional tournaments, it would make a lot of sense to reveal Street Fighter 6 at one.

A Street Fighter 6 reveal has been expected for 2022, with Capcom unsubtly teasing it around the time the final Street Fighter 5 DLC character, Luke (who is expected to play an important role in the series’ future), was added to the game.

Not to mention that 2022 marks Street Fighter’s 35th anniversary. The actual anniversary date isn’t until August 12, but there’s no reason for Capcom to wait until then to unveil a new game (although that could be when they’re planning to release it).

The only thing we really know about Street Fighter 6 is that a ‘new generation of Capcom staff’ is working on it, following the departure of series executive producer Yoshinori Ono from the company.

Hopefully, Capcom will have learnt its lessons from Street Fighter 5’s release. While boasting solid gameplay when it launched in 2016, its initial line-up of content was very sparse, especially in terms of playable characters and single-player content.

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