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Super Mario Bros. 3 Review

  • Release Date: February 1, 1990
  • Platforms: NES, Game Boy Advance, Wii, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch
Super Mario Bros. 3 Review - Screenshot 1 of 3

Back in 1990 when this was released in the USA, Mario fever was at an all time high, “Mario! Mario! Mario!” was the chant echoed by a legion of people in the TV advertisements for Super Mario Bros. 3.

In Super Mario Bros. 3 game, Nintendo delivered one of the best 2D platformers ever. If you have never played Super Mario Bros. 3 when it was first released, it will all be new to you (you are lucky bastard!!).

Generally, the game packed with power-ups, some mini-games, and some truly devious levels; others is impressive. Players go behind the scenery to discover some hidden secrets. Few levels are directly affairs – Just avoid the koopas, collect some coins, etc. – but others are so much complex players can’t fully explore these secrets unless they have the right power-up for these levels.

Super Mario Bros. 3 Review - Screenshot 2 of 3

Mario is equipped with a variety of power-ups. The normal growth mushroom or fire flower are present before, but also there is a raccoon suit, a frog suit and even the coolest hammer brothers suit, which allows players to fling hammers and cover themselves in a hard shell. Players can commandeer a big wind-up boot to leap around in. In the other hand, the raccoon suit has a unique Skill that can be used when Mario run with enough speed to fly into the air to reach new places.

Scattered around map are mushroom which contain power-ups. There are also extra lives bonus games, and a memory game.

Super Mario Bros. 3 Review - Screenshot 3 of 3

The Mario environments are fire, water, desert, dungeon and ice. Super Mario Bros. 3 also move the players to the floating battleships, which make you tearing out hair to pass the map. Some of the castles are so difficult too, as them takes lots of tries to work out how to pass them.


Super Mario Bros. 3 is widely regarded as the best video game ever on the NES. Some even say Super Mario Bros. 3 rivals the magnificent Super Mario World on the SNES.