Super Mario Bros. speedrunner breaks final 4.54 speed barrier record

Super Mario with trophy

The speedrun to end them all

The speedrun community for Super Mario Bros. has been shaken to its core after a fan managed to beat the seemingly ‘perfect’ record.

There are speedrun records for almost every game imaginable but there are a few titles for which completing the game as quickly as possible has become a decades long obsession.

For years, fans have been attempting to complete Super Mario Bros. in under 4 minutes and 55 seconds and it’s never been done… until now.

Beating Super Mario Bros. on the NES takes normal people at least two hours but speedrunner Niftski managed it in 4 minutes and 54.948 seconds.

The 55 second barrier was thought unbeatable, with many considering it the perfect speedrun. But now that it’s been broken the 54 second barrier is believed to be physically impossible to beat.

That doesn’t mean that Niftski’s record can’t be bettered, as a bot was recorded completing the game in 4 minutes and 54.26 seconds, but no matter how many milliseconds are shaved off, the 54 second barrier is thought to be impregnable.

Niftski certainly isn’t trying to beat it and is instead focusing on other speedrun goals for the game, including the Minus World Ending in under 2:30 minutes and completing the game blindfold.

As a reminder, Super Smash Bros. just finished celebrating its 35th anniversary and yet not only are people still playing it but it’s still one of the most popular speedrun titles in the world.

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