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Super Mario Galaxy Review

  • Release Date: November 12, 2007
  • Platforms: Wii, Wii U

Although Mario is short, but his roles in cherished Nintendo videogames is not short. Believe me or not it’s been ten years since Mario’s last personal outing; Super Mario Sunshine on the Gamecube. Our hero return for his first Wii’s show in Super Mario Galaxy.

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You haven’t played anything like Super Mario Galaxy before, that’s true. Nintendo has once again, creates a entirely new Mario experience. What’s his new play toy? It’s very easy… the gravity. The Nintendo developers create a traditional 3d video game with a huge emphasis on gravity, this is so hard to explain in words, so you need to play Super Mario Galaxy to see what I mean.

Normally, the Mario story doesn’t play part of its success… but what has Bowser done in Super Mario Galaxy? Not so surprise, he kidnap Princess Peach.. and recruiting the help of aliens, he manages to transport Peach’s castle into outer space.

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I has strong doubts in mind as to how everything is going to work When I first see footage of Mario running around these small planets ? The fears is almost instantly put to rest as I play Galaxy. Straight away, gravity helps Mario when he jumps effortlessly between these tiny spheres.

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The controls are so simple, the analog stick on the nunchuck controls movements, triggers a jump whilst a quick shake of the Wiimote makes a spin attack. The Wiimote pointer is used in Galaxy to both collect star bits and shoot them back at enemies.

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Scattered around the observatory are some of domes. Dome grants Mario access to a number of galaxies, and each galaxy also has many stars available to collect. Each level completed gains star, and defeating a boss gives Mario a grand star that often opens up another dome’s worth of galaxies. Very Simple.

Gaining 60 stars allow Mario to travel to the center of the universe to save his girl. Fortunately for our hero, it only requires 60 stars to finish the game… however, there are an additional 60 Power stars available to unlock special rewards.

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Along with difficulty, the level design varies considerably along the way… sometimes Mario has a level spanning up to 20 tiny planets and others will simply be on 1 large planet. The classic Fire and Ice worlds are present along with the Haunted Mansion. Also, there are some new worlds, such as bee hives and dreadnought planets.

Mario has never had many upgrades, including mega mushroom – doubling Mario’s life from 3 to 6. Mario now can fly as a bee, skate on ice, walk on a giant ball, shoot fireballs, freeze water with his feet, ride shells underwater, coil himself like a spring to make super jumps, and even disguise himself as a ghost .

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Super Mario Galaxy is a fantastic game ever, a video game that shows Nintendo’s continuing ambition to explore the possibilities of a 3D game, something that no-one else may imagine. It’s better than Super Mario Sunshine game on all accounts. By emphasizing on gravity, Super Mario Galaxy becomes a video game that requires timing and skill rather than just an exploratory mind. It should be an quick hit and surely go down as one of the best Mario games ever. A must video game have for all.