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Super Mario World Review

  • Release Date: January 1, 1990
  • Platforms: Super NES, Wii, Wii U, New Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch

At whatever point another console lets Nintendo tap into extra power, it customarily pipes those additional assets into its games’ mechanics. Firstly, Super Mario World does what long-held dreams’ players, for example “We’ve always want to see Mario ride a dinosaur, so since we have the way to cause him to do as such, Mario has a funny dinosaur for riding”. Once that is done, Nintendo does whatever they can to improve graphics and sound.

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Sonic the Hedgehog is faster than Super Mario World, but that’s because Super Mario World game is about careful movements and worlds exploration.

Super Mario World Review - Screenshot 2 of 5

Released seven months before SEGA’s equivalently effective Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario’s adventure immediately stood out with its world map of Dinosaur Land presenting pathways through intriguing areas like Cheese Bridge, the Forest of Illusion Donut Plains, Chocolate Island and Vanilla Dome. All of these paths led to the daunting Bowser’s Valley to save the beautiful Princess. In each location dwells the Koopalings’ castles – as Lemmy, Larry, Iggy, Wendy O., Ludwig von, Roy and Morton were quirkily named after musicians, just like the boss group of Triceratops named Reznor – Also there are many mystery-door-solving Ghost House puzzles waiting to explore.

Basically, Super Mario World’s graphics aren’t new SNES’s techincal based upon flashy effects, however it’s a great looking 16-bit game for its subtleties. These visual niceties such as the vibrant use of colour, and cute animation details like little Mario’s rapid feet while sprinting, or the plumber hit Yoshi’s head to fire his tongue out, and showing up V for victory fingers when complete the stage.

Super Mario World Review - Screenshot 3 of 5

Side-scrolling Mario series have always innovated with diverse power-ups to the point that some like the Fire Flower, Super Star and Super Mushroom are standardised. However, Super Mario World game is inventive with new additions, for examples the P-Balloon and the Cape Feather – that Mario sprints with his arms outstretched, soaring skywards, dive-bombing and flying upwards again. The Cape Feather is so much fun and its idea was recreated in Batman: Arkham City. And do not forget Yoshi’s role; a ridable power-up ally who changed the gameplay and would inspire titles like Donkey Kong Country.

Yoshi is a key part of what makes Super Mario World to become an awesome game. Sure, Mario rescue princess on his own, but Cavalry is of course cooler than foot soldier. Furthermore, Yoshi can step on hazardous places, and Mario can ride him to hit an enemy without losing his power-up (or his life). Also, players can get a little extra height for jumping. Especially handy when we are in danger of falling into a pit.

img 5e40dd83b7641
Don’t dump Yoshi down a cliff – Yoshi is friend
Super Mario World Review - Screenshot 4 of 5

Although, successful with Super Mario Bros 3 for the NES, Super Mario World takes us far away from familiar fields and bring us to Dinosaur Land, a prehistoric realm inhabited by Dinosaurs whose bizarre biology is more likely dragons and other fantasy creatures.

Super Mario World is developed shorter than for Super Mario Bros. 3, Nintendo makes Super Mario World so different from Super Mario Bros 3 is fully the right one. The map in Mario World offers more opportunities for exploration, its takes more time to play. Though even it is initially a little off-putting to observe how differently Mario World looked and played next to Mario 3, but it is so cool for raccoon tails.

img 5e40dd82198c6

Players collect five Dragon Coins for an extra life to breaking exit gate tape as high as possible, when they reach 100 Goal Stars there is a Bonus Game.

img 5e40dd82dd3bc

With the help of Mario’s dinosaur pal – Yoshi, players can explore every corner of Dinosaur Land. Yoshi can grab-and-gulp foes with its tongue, and the enemies ,which it don’t digest, are spit back out as projectiles or fire. Although with only one hit, Yoshi will run away from Mario, but Yoshi eggs are plentiful – and players may even find rare differently-colored baby Yoshi with especially powers.

Super Mario World Review - Screenshot 5 of 5

While there is argument that Super Mario World is a refinement of Mario series, in any case, Super Mario World is an outstanding SNES launch game that fine-tuned the exemplary Super Mario Bros. 3 gameplay.


There are many retro games that can claim to be a classical game, But only few are a gold masterpiece. Super Mario World is one of a masterclass in side-scrolling platforming design.

img 5e40dd845fee9

The hidden gameplay surprises players that keep them playing and replaying more, so the secrets that are ultimately Super Mario World’s ‘special’ sauce.