Hello everyone, and welcome to another Banner Review article! Without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

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Fairy Tale Princess Story

The first Banner for today features Asuna, Leafa, and Rain as “Fairy” Cough Cough (Disney) Princesses! Asuna is a Water Lance, Leafa is a Fire Rod, and Rain Is an Earth Dual Blade! They can only additional attack with each other: ex. Rain can only additional attack with any Asuna and any Leafa. They bring Atk Up for combo character, and they also have Stun. They also have Atk Up for crossing skill!

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Black Lily On the Battlefield

The second banner for this month is an anime banner featuring Sheyta from the 2nd half of SAO season 3! Sheyta is a Dark Rapier character with mitigation! She also has Auto Parry plus she gets a longer mitigation buff when you Max Limit Break! Sheyta only additional attacks with other Underworld Characters and has MP Link for her Crossing Skill.

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Yokai Parade Under the Full Moon

For the Third banner this month, we got Suguha and Yuuki as Yokai Demons! Suguha is a Dark bow, and Yuuki is a Dark Lance! They have Mp Recovery for Combo Character and Auto Parry. They can additional attack with other dark units, and they have Atk Up for Crossing Skill!

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Fierce Battle of the Armed Soul

For the last banner for this month, we have a GGO banner! Sinon is a Non-Elem Sniper (Gun), and Subtilizer is a Non-Elem Assault Rifle. They both have switch ss3 and barrier. They also have Auto parry, and when Max Limit Braked, they get Emergency Heal and HP and MP on Standby. Both Characters can additional attack with other GGO characters while Sinon can with any sword, Subtilizer can with only any Sinon. They also have Atk UP for Crossing Skill! Emergency Heal, if correct, is a new skill, as the skill says when you go below a certain amount of hp, you will get healed for a certain amount of Hp, which with this skill can significantly give a Large amount of HP.

My placement for Character banners:

  1. Fierce Battle of the Armed Soul
  2. Black Lily On the BattleField
  3. Fairy Tale Princess Story
  4. Yokai Parade Under the Full Moon


Fierce Battle of the Armed Soul

Compared to other banners this month, Fierce Battle of the Armed Soul comes with the most skills/usability. On top of that, they also have one of the best skills in the game being barrier plus switch ss3, which is one of the top 3 skills. Both skills synergize well! I do hate the Max Limit Break skills due to it being very anti-Free to Play friendly, so that is a con, but at the same time, it’s not that crazy broken or good, it’s just a nice to have if you manage to Max Limit Break them. Last but not least, the worst skill in the game, while it can have some use its only goal is to help newer players, being Auto Parry. They are continually releasing Auto Parry on units, while it’s helpful for newer players, it has not much use. If they keep making it a “Big skill” like they did for Yokai Parade Under the Full Moon, where it replaces a possible good/better skill, it will start to make it a con where you DON’T want to see Auto Parry!

Black Lily On the BattleField

Something I want to point out for these first/second place banners is that they seem to be making Bait banners or banners in between Ranking Event Banners better than Ranking Event Banners. This month has a perfect example with Black Lily On the BattleField and Yokai Parade Under the Full Moon! Yokai Parade Under the Full Moon is a complete joke compared to Black Lily On the BattleField. While mitigation is somewhat common nowadays, it still has more use than combo partner gets MP. What I said for the first banner applies here, I hate MLB skills, they’re not 100% needed but nice to have! Also, Auto Parry nothing special. The only downside is that she can only Additional attack with UW characters, while Yokai Parade Under the Full Moon can additional attack with other Dark Characters. But something to consider is that we can easily get more UW characters in the future, so it’s not that bad, plus we have lots of UW Characters currently as is.

Fairy Tale Princess Story

Fairy Tale Princess Story is in third place due to while having Atk Up for combo, which is the biggest ATK boost in the game; their downside is that they have Stun, which can only be used on minimal events that allow you to stun. There aren’t that many events and current/future events that allow you to stun, so it kind of becomes useless. But, when you can stun, it’s very useful. The second downside is that they only additional attack with each other, which dramatically limits them even more in team comps and in use. The only reason to use them IF you can is to use their Atk Up for combo character skill! Also, them being different elements works against them if you want them to be in a team.

Yokai Parade Under the Full Moon

Yokai Parade Under the Full Moon is in last place for several reasons. Some reasons were said above, a worse banner than Black Lily On the BattleField. MP gain with Combo Partner is one of the worst skills in the game unless you’re dealing with a very tanky boss. Even then, it’s better most of the time to use a buff or even have Atk Up Combo that Fairy Tale Princess Story characters have! As also said, Auto Parry is not needed and is useless, especially if there could have been a better skill in place of Auto Parry! The only good thing that they got going is that they can work with any dark element team due to them being able to additional attack with other dark elements.

That’s all for today!

Hopefully, you guys did enjoy reading the article! I hope this helps you decide what to go for! I was planning on adding weapon scouts, but I decided to remove them to bring the article out faster and make it easier to read. If you guys do want me to go over them, I will do two different articles going over character and weapon scouts, so I don’t make a humongous article going over both. Aside from that, I’m zekam11 be safe, be healthy, and have a nice day!


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