Hello everyone and welcome to another SAO MD banner reviews going over September 2020 banners! Something to note I am late for this banner review so the first 3 banners I won’t know the exact details on which units. AKA expect me to get some things wrong but that’s what happens when you’re late. Because of that, I won’t be suggesting which banners are best to summon for. Without further a due let’s get straight into it!


hero rises high dash flying prayer 240x300 1

Hero Rises High-Flying Prayer

The first banner for this month we got Kirito, Eugeo, Alice, and Asuna in the Alicization clothes! Kirito is a dark duel blade user, Asuna is a holy rapier user, Alice is an earth sword user, and Eugeo is a water sword user! They all have MP link for their crossing skill and they can additional attack with any other Under World Characters! From now on all banners characters that are new(also some previous units also got it) will have Call for Assistance! Call for assistance allows you to bring an additional character with each unit that has Call for Assistance! Call for Assistance (or CFA to help speed this up) allows you to use that character to fight alongside your character, they don’t take damage so they give free combo, they can parry if you have under 30 combo, and after you use any sword skills(example: ss1, ss2, ss3) they use their ss3! You could also activate their ss3 whenever you want! After they use their ss3 they will leave the battlefield and will no longer be playable for the rest of the battle! So Call for Assistance adds more DPS/good way to keep the combo. This new mechanic forces you to wisely summon help at specific points to fully gain all benefits. It’s better to wait to use it for specific points to change the tide of battle in your favor! They also have Cancel stun in their skill slots which allows them to not get stunned by for example those dang lizards!


united in dissonance part 1 239x300 1

United in Dissonance Part 1

For the second banner for this month, we got Sinon and Leafa in their ALO clothing! Sinon is a water bow user and Leafa is a wind sword user! They have Acceleration Skill+ which gives them a bigger time stop effect that 6* get, and they also have Mitigation! They can additional attack only with each other! I can’t find their crossing link skill but if I had to guess its MP link?


united in dissonance part 2 240x300 1

United in Dissonance Part 2

The third banner for this month is Yukki and Asuna in their ALO clothing! This banner has the least info I can find, but if I had to guess Yukki is a dark sword user, and Asuna is a water rapier user. They have hp recovery, and gives assistance characters Skill damage! Not sure about the additional attack and crossing skill, but I’m going to guess is that they can only additional attack with each other and has MP link for crossing skill!


trainee defenders of the human empire 241x300 1

Trainee Defenders of the Human Empire

For the last banner for today is Ronie and Tiese in their Sword Academy uniforms! Ronie is a holy sword user and Tiese is a fire sword user! They have Acceleration Enhancement Characters which increases the skill damage and lowers required MP when Acceleration skill is being used by another character! Also when you max limit-break them they get more MP per normal hit! With some research, it seems like they don’t have crossing skill or additional attack, but I may be wrong on that. They don’t mention having crossing skills so it seems like that is the case!


My Placement For Character Banners….?

Due to me being VERY late to the party where only 1 of the 4 aforementioned banners is available as of writing this article. I won’t be discussing my thoughts on how good each banner is with one another! So alas this article will be shorter than most sorry!


That is all for today!

Hopefully, you guys did enjoy reading the article? Going to be real here, I was too late on this one. Due to me working on other things and being busy I didn’t really get around to this in time. Next time will be a different story hopefully! Aside from that, I am zekam11. Be safe, be healthy, and have a nice day!


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