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‘Vampire Survivors’ 1.0 Steam Deck Review – The Deck’s Killer App

Vampire Survivors 1.0 Steam Deck Review

If you own a Steam Deck or have played anything on Steam over the last year, you likely have heard of or seen Vampire Survivors. When it had just hit Steam Early Access, I had a few friends try to get me to play it, but I didn’t bother because I rarely play games until they do their proper 1.0 launch. Vampire Survivors on Steam Deck made me break that rule after I saw a few GIFs of the gameplay. The blend of survival, rogue-lite, bullet hell, avoidance, and more with the aesthetic from developer poncle has been a joy to play for the most part, and it has been mindblowing seeing how much is included in this game at its low price point.

Backbone One PlayStation Edition Controller Review – Almost There

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Over the last few years, the Backbone One has been the controller I see recommended the most for iPhone. Jared has been praising it a lot as well when I ask about dedicated grip controllers. While I’ve been using my PS5 and Xbox controllers recently, iOS 16 made me revisit everything and also test out the new(ish) Backbone One PlayStation Edition to compare with the Razer Kishi V2.

Razer Kishi V2 iPhone Controller Review – Better Than Backbone in Ways

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In recent years, it feels like the Backbone One has been the de facto controller for playing on iPhone. While on an iPad you have the flexibility and convenience of using any console controller with the iPad set on any surface, it never feels as good when using a traditional controller with a clip and iPhone. Having spent the last week or so using both the Razer Kishi V2 and the Backbone One on my iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 to try out various games and both apps, both controllers offer something over the other, but are held back for different reasons.

‘Into the Breach’ Mobile Review – Sublime Strategy

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When you read about games online, there are always specific genres or games referred to as ‘perfect for Switch’. Given how I play a lot of multiplatform games on more than one system, I enjoy highlighting where a specific game shines. Sometimes, games are perfectly suited to a platform, but have issues on said platform. Subset Games’ FTL was a rare combination of a game that was not only perfect for iPad, but also best on iPad. Since then, the studio has been working on its turn-based tactical game Into the Breach (Free) that debuted on PC before eventually landing on Switch. Having played it on both of those platforms, it definitely was perfect for Switch and was my favorite way to experience the turn-based strategy game.

‘Streets of Rage 4’ iOS Review – The Best Mobile Beat Em Up Ever?

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When I played Streets of Rage 4 () on Nintendo Switch at launch, I was blown away by how it looked, played, and sounded. I’ve since replayed it multiple times across basically every platform and it has moved into the list of games I install on all platforms for easy access when I want to relax alongside games like Dead Cells, No Man’s Sky, and whatever rhythm game I’m currently playing. Playdigious announcing Streets of Rage 4 for mobile was awesome, because I had another platform I can play this masterpiece on, and get to see how this version of the game compares to consoles and the PC version including how it runs on Steam Deck. As with my other reviews of ports on mobile, I’ll also be comparing the different versions.

‘Total War: MEDIEVAL II’ Review – A Must Play Strategy Game for iOS

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Last week, Feral Interactive released Creative Assembly and SEGA’s beloved strategy classic Total War: MEDIEVAL II ($14.99) on iOS and Android devices. Unlike past Total War releases that either launched on iPad first or saw Android releases later, the developer has brought the full release to iOS, iPadOS (universal) and Android simultaneously in an excellent conversion that brings the full strategy experience to mobile devices and tablets for the first time.

‘Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX’ iOS Review – My Monster Generation

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When I owned the original PlayStation, I mostly used to just play wrestling games and the odd game that looked interesting in the stores that sold video games. My fondest memories on the system involve the likes of WWF Warzone, ECW Anarchy Rulez, and WCW Backstage Assault with games like Tomba and Cool Boarders being the games that looked interesting to me back then. As you can imagine, I missed out on a lot of the games people consider the highlights of the platform until I got a PS Vita and started playing many games I missed back then. One series I hadn’t played at all until now is Koei Tecmo’s Monster Rancher.