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‘OPUS: Echo of Starsong’ Review – Emotional and Essential

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Sigono’s OPUS series of games had its debut with OPUS: The Day We Found Earth back in 2015 on iOS and Android. That was eventually ported to PC and Nintendo Switch with its followup game OPUS: Rocket of Whispers following the same pattern. I adored the first game and have played it on every platform. While I do have issues with the gameplay in OPUS: Rocket of Whispers, I still consider it worth experiencing for fans of the first game. When OPUS: Echo of Starsong ($8.99) was announced, I was hoping it would make its way to iOS because it kept looking like a massive step up over the originals in scale and production.

‘Hindsight’ Mobile Review – Beautiful Grief

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When Hindsight ($4.99), the new game from Prune developer Joel McDonald, was announced for multiple platforms, including iOS, I was pretty excited to experience it. Being published by Annapurna Interactive is usually a great sign, but what really had me excited for Hindsight is how it would tell its story. I’ve played many interactive narrative adventures that have a memorable story, but don’t really do much with interaction. These experiences are worth your time, but I’m always hoping to see someone do more. This is where Hindsight surprised me. I’ve now experienced it on both Nintendo Switch and iOS for this review, but will focus on the iOS version played on my iPhone 11 and iPad Pro (2020).

‘Dicey Dungeons’ Review – Worth Rolling the Dice On

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Over the years, there have been many games that debuted on consoles and PC, that felt perfect for potential mobile versions. Dicey Dungeons ($4.99) took things further. It even looked like it was built for mobile interactions from the start, but it is the rare game that feels amazing with touch or button controls across all platforms. The deckbuilding roguelike dungeon crawler hybrid experience Dicey Dungeons is a fascinating game that might be my favorite mobile game of 2022 even though it is a late port. I’ve now played it across Steam Deck, Switch, and iOS for review, and will be comparing those versions with the iOS release as with my other port reviews.

‘Dragon Quest Builders’ Mobile Review – Great on iPhone, Not as good on iPad

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Square Enix celebrated the 36th birthday of the Dragon Quest series in Japan by releasing the original Dragon Quest Builders ($21.99) on mobile. Dragon Quest Builders was a pleasant surprise for me when I played the PS4 game back in 2016. If you’ve never heard of Dragon Quest Builders, it is a spin-off series that blends the Minecraft aesthetic and building with the charm of Dragon Quest. The original Dragon Quest Builders saw a sequel on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC that built (no pun intended) on the original in almost every way making it a much better game. That’s what made this mobile release of the first game feel a little confusing. Having played it across multiple iPhones and iPads alongside consoles to compare the visuals, Square Enix has done quite a bit to improve the game here, but there are some baffling issues holding it back from being as awesome as it should be on mobile.

‘Streets of Rage 4’ iOS Review – The Best Mobile Beat Em Up Ever?

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When I played Streets of Rage 4 () on Nintendo Switch at launch, I was blown away by how it looked, played, and sounded. I’ve since replayed it multiple times across basically every platform and it has moved into the list of games I install on all platforms for easy access when I want to relax alongside games like Dead Cells, No Man’s Sky, and whatever rhythm game I’m currently playing. Playdigious announcing Streets of Rage 4 for mobile was awesome, because I had another platform I can play this masterpiece on, and get to see how this version of the game compares to consoles and the PC version including how it runs on Steam Deck. As with my other reviews of ports on mobile, I’ll also be comparing the different versions.

‘Sumire’ Review – A Short and Emotional Adventure With a Brilliant Narrative

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Sumire is a story about a girl of the same name who keeps dreaming about her late grandmother. After waking from yet another dream, she feels like her grandmother is trying to tell her something. Sumire lives with her mother who seems to be depressed after splitting up with Sumire’s father. Sumire feels alone in this house and wants to make things better. This is where a magical seed comes into the picture. This seed appears in Sumire’s life when someone or something throws it into the house from outside breaking the window. Sumire plants the seed and brings a magical flower into her world.

‘Total War: MEDIEVAL II’ Review – A Must Play Strategy Game for iOS

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Last week, Feral Interactive released Creative Assembly and SEGA’s beloved strategy classic Total War: MEDIEVAL II ($14.99) on iOS and Android devices. Unlike past Total War releases that either launched on iPad first or saw Android releases later, the developer has brought the full release to iOS, iPadOS (universal) and Android simultaneously in an excellent conversion that brings the full strategy experience to mobile devices and tablets for the first time.

‘Alien: Isolation’ Review – A Phenomenal Conversion of a Survival Horror Classic

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Earlier this year, I interviewed Feral Interactive about them porting games to mobile and asked about a potential mobile version of Alien: Isolation ($14.99) and was surprised at the response I got. Back then, I thought the Nintendo Switch port existing meant it would eventually come to mobile, but I didn’t think it would happen this soon. Creative Assembly’s survival horror experience has not only been ported to mobile by Feral Interactive, but it has gotten a phenomenal conversion going above and beyond.

‘Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX’ iOS Review – My Monster Generation

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When I owned the original PlayStation, I mostly used to just play wrestling games and the odd game that looked interesting in the stores that sold video games. My fondest memories on the system involve the likes of WWF Warzone, ECW Anarchy Rulez, and WCW Backstage Assault with games like Tomba and Cool Boarders being the games that looked interesting to me back then. As you can imagine, I missed out on a lot of the games people consider the highlights of the platform until I got a PS Vita and started playing many games I missed back then. One series I hadn’t played at all until now is Koei Tecmo’s Monster Rancher.