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The Best Civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms For Beginner

There are 11 nations in Rise of Kingdoms. Each civilization has its own building architecture styles, starting commanders, perks and special army. The strengths and weaknesses of them bring into the game a lot of interesting matchup.

Civilizations rise of kingdoms

Also, you are able to switch to any other Civilization with ease to fit your playing style and your state in the game better. You can do that by using the Civilization Change, which is given free one time or you can buy it @ 10,000  Gems.

best civilizations in rise of kingdoms

What Are The Best Civilizations in ROK?

china rok

Early Game:  China

China is the best civilization for all new players because:

  • The 5% building speed boost is probably the best nation buff as you want to rush to City Hall lvl. 22 as soon as possible. Most of the power you have comes from buildings. If you can rush to higher City Hall level fast, you will have the better chance of getting into top Alliances.
  • The 5% Action Point Recovery is super helpful during this time. You can do better in a lot of events and you can also grow up your commanders faster.

When choose China at the beginning, players will receive Sun Tzu – Epic Commander for free. He is one of the best Epic Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. Unless you are willing to spend a lot of money into the game, he is going to remain relevant till the late game.

sun tzu 2

Some says Scipio and Boudica are better than Sun Tzu. Yes they are better in beginning, but fall off hard in the mid-game when you starting to have 5/5/0/0 Epic Commanders. In addition, getting Aethelflead is crazy easy right now. It’s not about the Starlights/Sculptures they take, it’s all about the XP you spend on them. All of that hard-earned XP will quickly become useless pretty quickly.

Getting to level 60 is super hard and by the time of the first KvK, you should have 2-3 Lvl. 60 Commanders. You have to pick the Heroes wisely.

Sun Tzu is excellent in group fights. Pairing him with either Eulji or Joan boosts the AoE output damage by a lot.

Sun Tzu is also excellent in Expedition: When getting surrounded, his nuke damage is insane.

During the very early stage of the game, Scipio and Boudica can gain a lot of advantages to you in 1v1 fights because most players use mixed army here. However, this period is pretty short, there are not too many serious wars. You also shouldn’t get into any 1v1 fight during this time anyway.

In group fights, use your Sun Tzu and send him into the battle. If you have Belisarius and Pelagius, use them to surround the battlefield and then hit weakened enemies trying to escape.

Click here to check the Sun Tzu Talent Tree Builds


  • You should still focus on Boudica. Since she is a Peacekeeper, it’s still very worth it to work on her. You will need up to 5 Peacekeepers. Do not spend your  XP Books and  Universal Sculptures on her until you have Sun Tzu, Belisarius, Joan and Pelagius maxed.
  • It’s worth it to work on all Epic Commanders. However, Sun Tzu and Belisarius are the ones which help you be relevant throughout the game. They are going to your secondary commanders in Infantry & Cavalry dispatches.
germany rise of kingdoms

Mid Game:  Germany

The best Civilization during the middle of the game is, in my opinion, Germany.

During the mid-period of the game, you need to train tons of troops. The 5% troop training speed definitely helps here.

The 10% action point recovery helps you level up your Commanders and gain the rewards a lot faster.

In my opinion, all Free-to-Play players and Moderate-Spenders should use Cavalry units until the very late game. Using Cavalry, you can easily choose the target you want to attack, dictating the temple of the battle. You want to target the ones which are weaker than you.

Although Archers can deal massive AoE damage and Infantry units can beat Cavalry units, Cavalry is very fast and can easily outspeed the others. If they cannot catch you, they cannot deal any damage.

In group fights, do not send your Cavalry units right into the battlefield as they are very squishy and don’t have AoE. Better to catch and take down the enemies one by one.

rise of kingdoms

Late Game:  Korea

The best Civilization in the late game should be Korea. Why?

The main reason is that Korea provides the 3% research speed boost.

In the late game period, lots of researches take months to finish. 3% of months means a lot of Speedups/Money. You will be able to get those T5 units a lot faster.

The 15% hospital capacity gives you a super strong battle power. You will be able to fight more, making the most of your speedups and maxed Hospitals.

By this time, you will most likely have Yi Seong Gye, the 5% Archer defence buff is now excellent for you.