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The Division BattleCat is a crossover PvP game with Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon claims leak

The Division BattleCat leak rumour Splinter Cell Echelons

Ubisoft will literally do anything with Splinter Cell except make a new game (Pic: Twitter)

Screenshots of something called The Division BattleCat, a PvP crossover game from Ubisoft, have apparently leaked online.

Ubisoft already has one new The Division game in the pipeline, namely the free-to-play The Division: Heartland for mobile, but if this newest rumour is correct it apparently has a second one as well and it’s another crossover attempt.

Twitter user Zer0Bytes uploaded a number of screenshots from something they call The Division BattleCat (no relation to the He-Man character), which they refer to as a mashup PvP game.

Aside from The Division, the game also crosses over with two of Ubisoft’s other Tom Clancy games, namely Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

No exact details have been shared but the text on the images mentions at least two different game modes and four playable factions, each with their own abilities. Testing for the game supposedly began in January.

The obvious assumption is that this is another free-to-play game for mobile but Zer0Bytes, on an alternative account, claims that it’s actually in development for PC and consoles (although they don’t specify which consoles).

It’s too early to tell how legitimate the leak is, but Zer0Bytes has a decent reputation for leaking info related to Rainbow Six and other Ubisoft games. Plus, while there are some spelling errors in the text, the images themselves seem incredibly detailed. If they’re fake, then a lot of work has been put into them.

On top of that, it is E3 week; a time when leaks become more commonplace. This could be one of the new announcements Ubisoft has planned for its E3 presentation on Saturday.

This also wouldn’t be the first Tom Clancy crossover game Ubisoft has attempted. Last year, it released Elite Squad, which had a similar concept, although it was a role-playing strategy game.

The game is still active but the most attention it ever received was when it generated controversy by having its terrorist antagonists use a symbol awfully similar to the one used for the Black Lives Matter movement.

In a recent financial report Ubisoft stated that it is trying to get more into the free-to-play market, if that’s what this is. But, so far, none its attempts have hit paydirt.

Hyper Scape, for example, was supposed to be the publisher’s big break into the battle royale scene. But despite a big marketing push when it launched, the game quickly faded from headlines, although support for it hasn’t ended.

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