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The Witcher remake will be open world even though the original wasn’t

The Witcher Remake logo title across fiery flames background

The Witcher Remake – now a reimaging rather than a straight remake (pic: CD Projekt)

The remake of the first The Witcher game will be a very different experience to the original as CD Projekt call it a ‘modern reimagining’.

CD Projekt’s announcement that they’re going to remake the first The Witcher game, from 2007, was one that was met with an understandable amount of apathy, considering the original was never released on consoles and most people have never played it.

Even those that have don’t necessarily think it’s that great a game, but it seems the remake will be very different, as it’ll be a modern open world game like The Witcher 3.

The remake is now being described as a ‘modern reimagining’, with the implication that relatively little about the original will be kept, beyond the broad strokes of the story.

The Witcher 3 was the first open world entry in the series, with the first two games only featuring smaller areas that you explored in a largely linear fashion, with previous ones often becoming locked once you completed that part of the story.

Not even The Witcher 3 was one single map though, so it’s still unclear exactly how The Witcher remake will work or how big it will be.

It may not have had an open world but the original The Witcher was a sizeable game, that took well over 30 hours to complete, so it’s going to be interesting to see the scale of the remake.

CD Projekt recently announced a mountain of new projects, including a new The Witcher trilogy, the remake, a still unrevealed spin-off, and a sequel and DLC for Cyberpunk 2077.

A new earnings report not only clarified the open world nature of The Witcher remake but also the fact that there’ll be more transmedia projects like Netflix show Cyberpunk Edgerunner.

The remake is not being developed by CD Projekt Red but by a new Polish studio called Fool’s Theory, which is staffed by many ex-Witcher developers. There’s currently no hint of a release date though and the only thing that’s been shown of it so far is the logo above.

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