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Tip for growing up to VIP 14 for those who pay less in Rok

When up to VIP 14, which means you will get 2 legendary commander sculptures legendary-commander-sculpture for free each day. Every month, there will be 60 free legendary commander sculptures. If you have a Legendary Commander, it is easy to max it so quickly. This guide below is a very interesting tip to help reaching VIP14 for those who deposit less money or even F2P.

The first 2 months for up to VIP 14

Build 3, 4 accounts at the kingdom you think that it can easily win kvk accounts to kvk gifts (use 2 phones or you can play it on computer (How to play Rise of Kingdoms on PC or Mac). It’s easy to know the kingdom can win kvk 1, just create one new account in any kingdom and check the stats when kvk 1 is nearly end.

Make sure you choose correct civilization for main accounts and 3 farm accounts. Read it if you don’t know Top Guide to build Mini Farm Accounts and The Best Civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms For Beginner )

The Farming accounts scout to find villages and hives for gifts and farm resources, while the main account only farm gems. Make sure all your account stop @ level 8 City Hall to use the immigration scrolls to the new kingdom you want. Just farm like this until the kvk end and get the gift. Then you “fly” to the destination kingdom. And spend all the gems + speedup to level up to Hall 11 get 3 farm, slowly up to Hall 17 to get 4 farm. Now, your main account is one of the top 30 governors in that new kingdom, so join the top Clan and get free gift from P2P players.

Build the Farm clan for your farm account or join the farm clan of your main account. Make sure these farms account near your main account.

Main acc only farm gem, when the main account needs res, just bring out all troops of farm account and attacks the farm accounts (30% ress is deducted but it’s fast and safe for your main account).

It’s easy to gather 1k-2k gems daily. So with this tip you can reach level 10 after 2 months (if you are F2P, if you deposit small money, you even can reach VIP 10 faster)

VIP10 1

Next Target VIP 13

Keep farmings as the first 2 months and keep upgrading your City Hall.

Upgrade your City Hall in all accounts as fast as you can to unlock 5 armies. Then, you can get more gems than before.

Save Gems and only use it in Spending Gems Event More Than Gems Event – The Best Ever Event In Rise of Kingdom or Tip to get maximum branches to reach level 25 Branching Out Event (this will help you get 10 legendary commander sculptures with cash back all Gems you spent)

Only spend gems to unlock Legendary Commanders not spend more in WHEEL OF FORTUNE EVENT – Tip To Make Profit

up to VIP 14