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Tip to get maximum branches to reach level 25 Branching Out Event

Branching out is an event in Rise of kingdoms where you can receive 30 legendary universal sculptures + 7000 gems and many others. During the event, you will receive spring boxes from gathering, city resources collection and killing barbarians and from Farewell, Winter event chains. Each spring box contains tree branches.

This is the best even where you can get 10 legendary sculptures and 20 more if you spend 7k gems to unlock the gifts.But don’t worry about spending so much gems like that, because you will get all gems back if you complete all 25 levels.

Rise Of Kingdoms Branching Out Event

There are many rumours that it’s hard to reach level 25. Yes, it’s hard for someone dunno how to maximize the way to collect spring boxes. In this post, we will share you the secret tip that you can easily reach the 25th level.

About Branching Out Event


  1. Decorate your sapling with Branches to increase its level. Once your sapling reaches certain levels you will receive corresponding rewards.
  2. Unlock the Sapling EX to receive bonus rewards!
  3. Each Branch placed on the sapling has a chance to multiply the experience received
  4. Once your sapling reaches the maximum level (level 25), all remaining Branches will be exchanged for an equivalent number of Lvl. 2 Resource Packs.
  5. Level rewards can only be claimed once by each governor. Progress will not be reset during the event.


  1. Participate in the event to receive plentiful rewards. Once your sapling reaches Level 15, you will receive a special Cradle of Dreams city decoration! Unlock your sapling EX and upgrade it to Level 17 to receive a limited- edition spring season city theme Timbered Ensemble (Permanent)!
  2. Once a governor has claimed the “Cradle of Dreams” decoration, the structure will be permanently unlocked for their city, and can be built or demolished at anytime. (Governors who have not received this item will unable to view the corresponding structure in their building list.)
  3. The first time a Cradle of Dreams decoration is constructed, the corresponding “Cradle of Dreams” item will be consumed. No items will be returned if the sculpture is demolished. However, the structure can be rebuilt for 1,000 wood.

How many branches to reach level 25?

Look at the table below you will know how many branches to level up.

LevelPoints Requirement
17 136
18 168
19 200
20 240
21 240

As you see, it cost you total 2888 points to reach level 25. It is so much points, right!! However, you don’t need 2888 Sping boxes to reach level 25.

When you open the Spring Box, you can get randomly 1 branch to 1.7 branches. Thus, you have to stock minimum 10 boxes before open. From my experience, I often open 100 boxes per time, it increase the rate dropping branches.

Rise of Kingdoms Spring 2020 EN 7

Furthermore, the branch also help you earn randomly points when using it. you can get 1 to 8 points per times. Thus, stock as much as branches before using them. Mostly, I use 400 branches per times, and I get x2 , x3, x5 many times.

If you are so lucky, you can reach level 25 with only 800 spring boxes. Most of people reach 25th level after using 1,000- 1,200 spring boxes.

How to get spring boxes and tree branches?

Rise of Kingdoms Branching out Spring Box

Map Collection: just gathering every resources you see on the map (except the Gem mine)

City collection: well you will receive some amount of tree branches but that will not be enough. Forget this one, because I don’t get even 1 box from it during the event. The drop rate is terrible, they should fix it.

Defeating Barbarians: Now you can spend a lot of action points on barbarians but that is not worth it. Save Action Points fro Kvk is better. Just use AP before the AP bar full, that’s enough for this one. There are many players they rush using AP to get Boxes from day 1 to day 3 because they think that the drop from first 3 days is so high. Yes, it’s high but not so much higher than others days. Also,

Bundles: usually on this type of event you will be able to buy bundles that will give you tree branches. Of course, this is for those who don’t have time to level up but have money ^^

Farewell Winter: You can get a tree branch in Farewell Winter but the number that you will receive wit completing all tasks is not high. it doesn’t help much for level up but the rewards from it also cool. They are easy to complete. You can check here to know more about Farewell Winter Event

Tips & Tricks to get maximum Branches

Remember, you have to have 800 -1,200 spring boxes to unlock everything. As we said before save Action Points for KVK, so there is only 1 way for F2P Player to reach level 25 is gathering resources + use free AP when it restores.

The key is that you only get Box when Commander back to Castle. Thus, you have to let commander gather as soon as possible and back to castle.

From the 1st day, you should use the Boost item to increase 50% speed of gathering. Use 8h or 24h Boost items which can easy to get from Market daily. And if you have time just find the Rune to boost gathering speed more (5-7% is better than none)

Many people tell go to zone 1 to gather mine level 2, it’s ok but not so good if there is killing event process at the same time. From my experience, zone 2 is the perfect place to do this event.

There is only your alliance and allies can go to that area so you don’t care much being killed.

Also, don’t look for mine level 3, 4 or 5. Just Gather the mines nearest your Castle. Time is money, so don’t need to go far, only do that if you can’t find food or wood mine nearby.

And one more thing is that just gather wood and Food with 100k-120k load per time. It’s fast to gather and the rate to drop Spring Box is high enough with that Load.

Go with 4 – 5 Gathering Commanders, you can get Boxes every 20-30 minutes. You may interest in Gathering Commanders List

By doing that way, you can complete 25 levels @ 6 or 7 Days and then use 7,000 gems to unlock all rewards.

Branching out event after complete level 25 Rise of Kingdoms


  • Make sure you only use 7,000 Gems after you reach level 25.
  • Exchange Unused Branches for Resources after complete 25 levels before 8th day end.