Tips for Gathering – Resources is the Power in ROK

In Rise of Kingdoms, There are 6 gathering commanders from Advanced to Legendary. With City Hall level 25, you can use up to 5 armies at the same time, and you sure will use all of them to gather resources most of the time.

Gathering Commanders


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Get to level 20 (3 stars) before upgrading any skills and upgrade the 3rd skill to max. Very easy to get to level 37.

Constance (get her from expedition)

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Spend your universal sculptures on this commander. Her 4th skill is VERY powerful in the alliance deposit.

Get to level 30 (4 stars) before upgrading any skills and max 4th skill for maximum resource bonus.


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Get to level 10 (2 stars) before upgrading any skills and max out 2nd skill before upgrading to 4 stars. Pair with Constance for alliance deposit.

Gaius Marius

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Get to level 10 (2 stars) before upgrading any skills and max out the 2nd skill, then level 20 (3 stars) and max out the 3rd skill.


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Get to level 10 (2 stars) before upgrading any skills and max out 2nd skill. Then max out first skill to be able to use as a good secondary commander. (Only talents from primary commander are used). Pair with Constance for alliance depot.

Legendaries Commanders

Ishida Mitsunari
Ishida Mitsunari

Do not spend universal sculptures on these commanders. You dont have enough sculptures for other Legendaries.

Get to level 20 (2 stars) and attempt to max 2nd skill. Do not invest in these commanders afterwards.

Each commander takes more experience to level up based on their quality. Advanced requires the least and Legendary requires the most.

It is alright if your commanders are a mess, or behind. Simply work toward new milestones and make them as efficient as possible!

Note: When the civilization-based events come around, I exchange my tokens for all the blue sculptures. Very helpful for upgrading your commanders!

How to Level Up and Spend Talent Points

There are three “stages” to levelling up your commanders and applying talents in the gathering tree to make them as effective as possible at gathering resources.

These stages are:

Level 18: Final 3 points into “Gathering Mastery” (Food) – (Wood) – (Stone) – (Gold)

This is the most basic level ALL your gathering commanders should be at. It gives a 30% gathering speed bonus for all resources.

Level 27: Final 3 points into “The More The Better”

Grants an additional 6% resources when gathering. This adds up!

Level 37: Final 5 points into “Superior Tools”

Spend the minimum points required to finish the final talent in the gathering tree. This grants a 25% increase gathering speed to ALL resources (INCLUDING gems, and from Caravans in Ark of Osiris!)

Bonus, Level 40: Final 3 points into “Modified Axle”

30% increased march speed for siege units when you HAVE ENOUGH TIER ONE SIEGE FOR FULL GATHERING MARCHES!

The goal if you have four march slots, is to have four commanders at level 37/40 and enough siege units to fill each march. (no archer, no cavalry, no infantry). The same goes for if you have three, or five march slots!

Gathering Efficiently

Every gathering march should be lead by a gathering commander.

You will always have more gathering commanders than marches. So any leftovers should be run as secondaries to help with their gathering skills. At 5 marches, it’s most efficient to send your double march to farm the alliance deposit.

There’s no real benefit to sending a non-gathering commander. Sending Scipio or Dragon Lancer to gather is not a good idea. They harvest kills, not corn!


Train Tier 1 Siege Units

These are the most underrated units in the game! I have 100k t1 siege units for gathering.

  • Siege units carry roughly 3x or 4x more resources per unit than infantry, archers or cavalry.
  • Cheapest and fastest to train.
  • Cheapest and fastest to *heal* (VERY important during Killing Event). It does not matter if you heal 100 Tier One units or 100,000 they ALL heal in THREE SECONDS (Yes, 100,000 t1 units heal in 3 seconds).

Gather on Alliance Territory

  • You receive a 25% gathering speed bonus when gathering on alliance territory.
  • Gathering on alliance territory contributes 1% of all resources gathered from resource deposits toward alliance resources.
  • It is recommended that all governors teleport to the edge, or outside of flag areas so that resource deposits can spawn in the middle.

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