Tips Guide For The Next Crusade

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The Lost Secret – The Next Crusade is divided into three stages. During each stage, all players try hard to earn individual crusade points and kingdom crusade points.

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For all of these events every 8 kingdoms able to join, and all kingdoms will be ranked base on cross-kingdom rankings. The Crusade points will determine kingdom ranking and special kingdom buffs that will take effect in the Lost Kingdom 

Stage 1 – Marauders

RoK Description

Rise of Kingdoms The Lost Kingdom Event

Marauders – A new breed of barbarian has appeared in the kingdom. They are stronger and more ferocious than normal one. All governors, who have defeated them, can loot the mysterious scraps of parchment containing miraculous drawings.

Rise of Kingdoms Marauders
  1. Defeat Marauders to receive Worn Leather Satchels, which have a chance to contain Scraps of Parchment. 
  2. Collect a complete set of 7 different Scraps of Parchment and exchange them for Kingdom Supply Chests containing abundant rewards.
  3. ​Each time you exchange a set of Scraps of Parchment for Kingdom Supply Chests, you will receive individual crusade points and earn kingdom crusade points for your kingdom.
  4. ​All unused items will be reclaimed at the end of this stage, so don’t forget to use them.

Each time you exchange a complete set of Scraps of Parchment you will gain 5,000 points

Tips for Stage 1

As we said in many other events, governors should save Action Point Recovery items for this event. This event is great for 2 reasons. First of all, that is players can get lots of experience by killing the marauders. The last one – the best part of this event is the cool rewards. The more Marauders we defeat, the more great rewards we receive. 

Rise of Kingdoms The Lost Secret
Receive the Worn Leather Satchel after defeat Marauder

Same with Branching Out Event, this event rely on luck (so pray god when you doing this ^^). Players are not guaranteed to receive a Worn Leather Satchel every time defeating Marauder, it has the rate of dropping (but only lilithgames know that rate). Thus, we have to send many commanders to kill each Marauder, and the rate of receiving parchments will be increased.

Then when receive the Worn Leather Satchels, you will activate it to reveal which of the 7 Parchment Scrap it is. Since it is not evenly distributed, players will most likely end up with several more of one type of parchments than the other. Rise of Kingdoms game give a small bonus for all remained parchments. However, the bonus pales in comparison to the reward received when we collect a full set of the 7 Parchments.

Stage 2 – Troop Training

RoK Description

Rise of Kingdoms KvK Event Stage Two

The scraps of parchment carried by the barbarians have brought forgotten wonders to light once more. It is now known that the tunnel beneath the Lost Temple leads to the hallowed lands of the barbarian tribes: the Lost Kingdom. The forefathers of civilization entered this kingdom during their Last Crusade and never returned. Today, it is time for us to take up their righteous cause once more…

1. Train troops during the event to receive individual crusade points and earn kingdom crusade points for your kingdom.

2. Upgrading units will award points equivalent to the different between the point rewards for each tier.

  • Train a Tier 1 unit:   1 Point(s)
  • Train a Tier 2 unit:   2 Point(s)
  • Train a Tier 3 unit:   4 Point(s)
  • Train a Tier 4 unit:   8 Point(s)
  • Train a Tier 5 unit:   20 Point(s)

Tips for Stage 2

The second stage of this event is troop training. In our opinion, the second stage troop training is not fair, it is really disappointed. The key problem is that the kingdoms with lots of players, which have tier 5 units, can easily in top during this event. Training tier 5 troops gains double the points of tier 4 units.

This stage is very easy, just train troops. And also the rewards are not good as the first stage. However, players should keep training as many troops as possible because your points in all three stages of The Lost Kingdom event are accumulative. Plus when The Lost Kingdom opens there will we plenty of war, so having as many troops as possible is a great idea.

Stage 3 – Crusader Fortress

The third stage of the event is defeating the Marauders Fortress’s. These new Forts are identified by the blue skull icon. The only way to attack these Forts is by using an alliance rally.

Rise of Kingdoms Stage 3

This stage, like the other two stages lasts a period of three days. The Marauder Forts are equivalent in strength to a Level 5 Barbarian Fort. Each time your forces participate in eliminating a Marauder Fort you will receive 1,500 points + decent rewards. The size of the rewards you receive will depend on what percentage of the damage you dealt to the Fort.

Tips for Stage 3 

Attacking the Forts will use Action Points. Having used most of your Action Point Recovery Items in the first stage your alliance should work together to get the most our of everyones remaining Action Points.

You should also attempt to gather the Action Point Recovery Runes that are located around one of the Sanctums. The alliance members with the largest Castles should lead the charge against the Marauder Forts, as they will be able to hold the most troops in their Rallies.

Leading Commanders should be the commanders who are efficient in barbarian elimination, such as Lohar, Boudica, Cao Cao, Minamoto and Belisarius. 

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