Top 10 Early Rok’s Game Mistakes should Avoid

Rise of kingdoms is a game that new players can easily make mistake in the beginning. Those who can usually made their mistakes and then have to re-play game in another server. With this Top 10 Mistakes ingame, you can never restart again except be zeroed by someone else ^^

1. Leveling up commanders so fast.

Although higher level is better, but you can can make your commanders unusable (except you have big pocket). In Rok, you have to maximize the Commanders’ 1st skill (up to 5) before you level your commanders over level 10.

Why? when you unlock new skills (2nd or 3rd skills – most of them not useful in the beginning, then you upgrade skills by random skills. The sculpture is rare and too expensive in both Epic or Legendary. You can’t max all skills especially the Legendary commander. Don’t trust me, you will lose the game from the beginning.

2. Dumping EXP Books/starlight/sculptures/blank sculptures into the wrong commander.

Commanders are everything in Rok and we have a limited inflow of resources to upgrade them. Therefore, we should be careful in choosing right commanders.

Here is the 2 Posts you should know to choose the right commanders:

Rise of Kingdoms – Rank from Strongest to Weakness Heroes

Top Commander Pairings in Rise of Kingdoms – Epic and Legendary

3. Only add talent points to Commanders before you know how to use them.

All Rok commanders have multiple viable talent paths depending on what we want to use them for. Fighting commanders do not help all that much in the early game anyway. So save them up until you know what you’re doing.

By the way, with 1000 gems we can reset commanders’ talent. But you don’t want to be dumb like that.

Read all information about the commanders you want, and choose the Talent Tree Builds you like. Click to read Commanders Talent Tree Build

4. Making a legendary your first primary commander.

This is not always a mistake. There are several scenarios where it is recommended depending on how much you are spending and which commander it is. But often times, it’s just a mistake. And a big one at that. For most players (especially F2P player), we should focus on an epic commander that you get from the beginning (why? please read 6th mistake to know).

Focus on 3 main farmers first: Gaius, Constance and Sarka. Get them to 3 stars and level 20 as soon as you can. Put all talent points into the gatherer path. These 3 farmers will help you much from the beginning to the late game.

5. Buying golden keys with gems.

Be a smart person and buy VIP 7 as soon as you can. You have over 80% discounted in Vip Shop. However, don’t use Gems to buy items in that shop, just buy with resources if you have some. Save gems for the Wheel event, you can have many golden sculptures (it cost 3,600 gems for 5 times, and it’s worthy)

6. Picking the wrong civilisation.

By choosing Civilisation, you will get the Epic Commanders at the beginning. And also, you will get sculputures of that commander from Main Quest and Event. Thus, it’s easily to max out that Epic Commander.

There 3 Civilisation you should choose:

  • Early Game: China
  • Mid Game:  Germany
  • Late Game:  Korea

7. Trying to be perfect at too many things.

Resource management games like this are all about being efficient. If you try to focus on too many aspects, you will spread yourself too thin. For commanders, choose 2 farmers and a primary and secondary fighter. Lohar is also acceptable if you can max his 3rd skill from the event. Don’t go looking to train a defender or even more attacking commanders. Specialisation is the key to success. It’s like Robert A. Heinlein always used to say, “specialisation is for insects and those who want to win at Rise of Kingdoms.” Or at least that’s the way I heard it.

8. Not buying the legendary commander pack – Writers of History – 66,375 gems worth for $5.

If you are spending any money on this game, after 5/1/1/1 Minamoto, you’d better be buying these packs. They are by far the best value packs in the game. Every time you unlock a new legendary commander, this offer will be available for one hour. If you are ftp this isn’t a mistake. But if you plan to spend a little, you’ll regret missing any of them at the start.

9. Don’t upgrade past city hall level 7 before deciding whether you want to be a jumper.

Jumping is not necessary, but it will give you a tremendous lead on those who don’t. It is perfectly acceptable not to jump, but don’t take the choice away from yourself before you have decided.

10. Dropping your beginner’s shield and trying to attack other players’ bases.

In other games of this genre, it’s usually best to drop the shield early and start attacking others as the easiest source of resources. In RoK, troops are not nearly as dispensable. The only fights your troops die in are attacking cities and alliance buildings, as well as severely wounding more troops than your hospitals can take. You will have a hard time finding a city early on worth the trade-off. There is a time for attacking other player’s cities. But the start of the game is not that time.

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