Travis Scott earned $20 million from Fortnite, is making his own PS5 game

Travis Scott concert in Fortnite

Travis Scott was big in Fortnite (pic: Epic Games)

Not only was Travis Scott watched by 12 million people in Fortnite, but he’s rumoured to be getting his own specially branded PS5.

The coronavirus might’ve prevented people from getting to a real concert this year but that’s okay because virtual ones can seat a lot more fans, as back in April rapper Travis Scott managed to draw in 12 million viewers via Fortnite.

Not only did he attract more people than a real concert could, but he was also paid more for it too. The event barely lasted nine minutes but according to a Forbes report he earned $20 million (£15m) from it, including merchandise sales.

By comparison, Scott’s 2018 Astroworld tour only made him $53.5 million (£40.1m) and took four months with 56 shows. So clearly turning up on Fortnite for 10 minutes is far more cost effective.

Fortnite maker Epic Games has neither confirmed nor denied the figures, but despite the short running time the concert apparently took months of organisation to make a reality.

It was such a success it led to the creation of the Party Royale mode in the game, which is specifically designed for watching special events and features no combat. Although subsequent concerts with the likes of J Balvin and the premiere of an exclusive BTS video have not been quite so popular.

The success of the Fortnite events have not gone unnoticed by other video game companies, with Roblox also hosting a concert for Lil Nas X this month.

Still none have enjoyed the success of Travis Scott himself though, who recently became a ‘strategic creative partner’ for Sony’s PlayStation brand – which will also earn him at least $20 million.

Although nothing official has been announced yet it’s rumoured that Sony will release a limited edition line of Travis Scott branded PlayStation 5 consoles and that he he’s currently working on his own video game.

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Source: Metro UK

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