Trenches in Space!

Mobile Gaming was pretty great. In the early days, there was no story, no real objective, just run or fly in this case.

With lockdown in place many people are looking for outlets to burn some time, maybe reading, or binging TV shows they never watched, whilst others create. With extra time like this, what better way to keep occupied than to create? That’s exactly what crossed the mind of Nick Zangus. The Italian Developer is not new to the creative process of Indie games by any means, skilled in 3D modelling, what better time sink can you get than a good old Temple Run?

screenshot 01 169x300 1

Trench Run may look familiar to some players but it’s great fun regardless of any faint memories it stirs.
Running a simple 1 tap mechanic, you progress through the metal trenches circling a large mechanical globe, collecting coins as you fly.

screenshot 03 169x300 1

The sole purpose of these coins is shopping for new spacecrafts to traverse the corridors of the metal goliath.
If you don’t feel like grinding coins right off the bat you can watch an ad for 500 coins instantly, which if I’m honest is the perfect way to blend ads in mobile games.

screenshot 05 169x300 1

As you progress you’ll very quickly encounter various obstacles, aimed to catch you off guard. These are certain to cause a few sighs as you jump back in.
You can either follow the standard missions or hit Endless mode for a real grind.

You can find the game on the iOS and Play store: