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What is Worldle? The Wordle alternative for geography fans

Worldle website page clues

Don’t worry, it’s free (pic: Worldle)

The newest unofficial Wordle spin-off is all about guessing the right country, but you don’t use letters to solve it.

No, that’s not a typo, no matter what Google tells you. Worldle is the latest alternative to the hit daily puzzle game Wordle. But unlike other fan-made attempts like Quordle and Absurdle, that are fundamentally the same game, Worldle isn’t about guessing a hidden word.

As the name suggests, Worldle tests your geography skills to work out which country or territory is being displayed via a silhouette. Created by Twitter user teuteuf in late January, it has steadily been gaining popularity over the past month.

You can play the game yourself via this website and, in case you’re wondering, it is free to play and completely ad free. So, no secret ad trackers like what Wordle now has after The New York Times bought it.

How do you play Worldle?

The goal of Worldle is to figure out which country is on display in six guesses or less. Unlike Wordle, you don’t do it by naming one and seeing which of the letters are correct.

Instead, you need to work it out through its location. Let’s say your first guess is Belgium and that’s incorrect. The game will tell you how far away the correct answer is in either kilometres or miles (you can change your preference in the options), what direction it’s in (north, northeast, east, etc.), and the proximity of your guess from the target country.

So, if your proximity is only 12%, that means you’re incredibly far off. If it’s something like 86%, however, that means you’re much closer. Then you just keep going until you’ve worked out the answer.

A geography expert might be able to reach the answer just by looking at the shape of the country, but Worldle has the option to remove the silhouette or have it randomly rotate with each guess for an extra challenge.

Worldle is certainly more niche since it requires decent knowledge of the globe. If you have no clue where certain countries are located, you will inherently struggle with this game.

It does throw the less geographically minded a bone, however, in that it includes a drop-down list of countries to select from once you begin typing an answer, just in case you don’t quite remember a certain country’s name or you don’t know every country in the world.

Either way, it’s proving to be incredibly popular, with half a million people playing it at one point and it’s already got it’s own clone in Earthle on the iOS App Store, that offers a paid subscription. Time will tell whether The New York Times comes sniffing after this one too.

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