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Wheel of Fortune is the Rise of Kingdoms event where you spend Gems to spin the wheel. If you see the Wheel of Fortune event you might think “oh yeah, just another random way to make money”, but in fact it’s actually a place where you can get the biggest profit for your gems, even if you’re F2P and don’t spend any money on the game. This Guide A to Z will help you to get maximize Commander Sculptures.


Wheel of Fortune Event Rules:

  1. Every Gorvernor will receive a free spin at the beginning of the Event.
  2. The event lasts for 3 days and appears once every 2 weeks.
  3. After spinning the wheel as a specified number of times, you will receive a special bonus reward. Remember to click the chest icon on the top left corner of the wheel to claim your bonus rewards!
  4. Note that bonus rewards are not reset daily. As long as your total spins throughout the event meet the requirements, you will be able to claim all of the bonus awards!
  5. Today’s Chances will be reset daily at 00:00 UTC
  6. First Wheel of Fortune appears in the 24th day of the Kingdom.
  7. The first event always offers legendary commander sculpture Universal Sculptures, followed by a specific-hero wheel.
  8. The specific-hero wheel appears 3 times before changing back to Universal Sculptures and so on.
  9. The duration between 2 commander wheels is 56 days.
wheel of fortune rise of kingdoms timeline

x3: Commander Wheel appears 3 times before change to Universal Sculptures. It takes 56 days from a commander to another commander

Wheel of Fortune’s Potential Rewards

4x gold icon 200k Gold Token4x wood icon 500k Wood Token
3x speedup 15-hour Universal Speed-up4x training speedup 8-hour Training Speed-up
8x legendary commander sculpture* Commander Sculpture1x legendary commander sculpture* Commander Sculpture
4x speedup 8-hour Universal Speed-up4x research speedup 8-hour Academy Research Speed-up
4x food icon 500k Food Token4x stone icon 375k Stone Token
1x legendary commander sculpture Universal Legendary Sculptures2x regular legendary starDazzling Starlight Sculpture

Extra Rewards

Keep spinning the wheel to receive these extra rewards!

10 Spins25 Spins45 Spins70 Spins100 Spins
5x legendary commander sculpture* Commander Sculpture5x legendary commander sculpture Universal Legendary Sculptures10x legendary commander sculpture* Commander Sculpture10x legendary commander sculpture Universal Legendary Sculptures15x legendary commander sculpture* Commander Sculpture
5x food icon 500k Food Token1x speedup 24-hour Universal Speed-up
5x wood icon 500k Wood Token3x building speedup icon 8-hour Building Speed-up
5x stone icon 375k Stone Token3x training speedup 8-hour Training Speed-up
5x gold icon 200k Gold Token3x research speedup 8-hour Academy Research Speed-up

* Note: The Hero-specific Sculpture is based on your Kingdom’s state. Each Kingdom could have different Hero sculpture.

Tip to make Profit from The Wheel of Fortune – Guide A to Z

AS I said, even as a player that doesn’t spend any money on Rise of Kingdoms, you can make a great outcome here and get a nice amount of legendary sculptures.

You can get 5-10 legendary sculptures for 4,800 Gems in total – compare that with 10,000-20,000 Gems you would need for them in the VIP Shop!

Please mind, you should not do this strategy if you have less than 4,800 Gems. If you do not have that many, save some Gems up and wait for the next Wheel of Fortune!

Now here’s what you do step-by-step:

Day 1 – Use your Free Spin & 1 Discount Spin

On the first day you will get one free spin that won’t cost you anything. Do that now and also use 400 Gems for the first “paid” spin.

wheel of fortune first free spin

Day 2 – Use 1 Discount Spin

Today you’re using the 50% Discount Spin for 400 Gems again.

wheel of fortune second discount spin

Day 3 – Use 1 Discount Spin & 5x Regular Spin + 1 Spin

Today is the day where you need to get 10 total spins. You also have one 50% Discount Spin for 400 Gems that you do.

wheel of fortune third discount spin

After that, use one 5x Spin as this is cheaper than doing them one-by-one for 3,200 Gems.

You’re now at 9 spins and you need to do one regular spin now.

wheel of fortune guarantueed sculptures

You now have 10 spins and you will get the bonus chest that will give you 5x Legendary Sculptures for the featured commander.

It’s very likely that you have already gotten, depending on your luck, 2-5 Legendary Scultures form spinning the Wheel of Fortune so in total you will get 7-10 Legendary Sculptures.

wheel of f

This is the strategy and I hope you understand why it makes sense to save enough Gems to do the extra spins to get a total of 10 spins, otherwise, it won’t make sense because you won’t get the bonus sculptures that you get from the Wheel of Fortune.

Of course, if you’re spending money on the game you can take it further to get the next spin chest unlocked that will also give you 5x Legendary Scultures for the featured commander. Do only do it if you can reach those guaranteed ones, otherwise the profit will depend on your luck (but probabilities here in the Wheel of Fortune are actually pretty nice, to be honest)