Xbox Series X in stock now at Currys PC World but no PS5 till May

Xbox Series X retail box packaging

Get ’em while they last (pic: Microsoft)

The Xbox Series X is back in stock at Currys PC World but you have to buy three months of Games Pass Ultimate at the same time.

The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 have become to get hold of in the last month or so but they’re still not something you can pick up on a whim and this is the first time in a while Currys PC World has had a lot of stock of Microsoft’s console.

Instead of the straight £449.99 retail price though they’re charging £479.00 with a three-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

That isn’t any cheaper than usual for the pass, but it also isn’t any more expensive (although you can shave a few pounds off if you buy access via other retailers) so it really depends on whether you want Game Pass as well.

Game Pass Ultimate, as opposed to the regular version, also gives you access to PC and Android games, including Android games played via the cloud (that would include iOS if Apple didn’t effectively ban game streaming apps).

For many, Game Pass has become the killer app for the new Xbox console, offering over 100 games, including all first party titles from day one, for a modest subscription price.

Currys doesn’t currently have the PlayStation 5 in stock and it might not be back for a while, as there’s apparently been a major issue with sea freight, possibly related to the recent problems with the Suez Canal.

Some console deliveries are still getting through via air freight but apparently GAME isn’t expecting a major delivery now until May.

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