Xbox Series X restock next week in UK as Box starts pre-order lottery

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles

At last – a fair chance to buy into the next gen (pic: Microsoft)

UK retailer Box will be selling its stock of Xbox Series X by using a ballot system, to try and avoid scalpers buying up everything.

A lack of stock is one thing – everyone understands that the coronavirus has made everything more difficult this year – but the worst thing about the next generation console launch has been the scalpers buying up all the consoles before normal customers get a chance.

Actually, even worse than that is the fact that nobody, either retailers or Microsoft and Sony, have tried to do anything about it. Although the tide may now be turning, thanks to Very and now online retailer Box.

Scalpers use bot apps to buy up stock from regular retailers far faster than any human could, with some organised groups claiming to have bought thousands of consoles – which they then resell on eBay and other sites at greatly inflated prices.

Box is trying to avoid this by making the process of pre-ordering less of a free-for-all and organising an ‘allocation ballot’ where you register your interest and if you’re lucky enough to be picked you’ll be told you can buy the console when they come back in stock later this month.

Here’s the link to pre-order an Xbox Series X and here’s the link to pre-order an Xbox Series S.

According to Box new stock will be arriving on the weeks beginning December 7 and 14th, which still gives time for the consoles to be delivered before Christmas.

Presumably other stores will also get more stock in at around the same time, but so far Box is the only one to be running a ballot system.

Even if scalpers weren’t an issue the high demand for the new consoles has led to multiple retail sites keeling over under the pressure, which the ballot system is also designed to avoid.

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