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Yi Seong Gye – YSG Talent Tree New Build

YSG Talent Tree

Yi Seong-Gye

Rarity: Legendary
Nation korea Korea | Bow of Revolution
Archer  Archer |Garrison  Garrison |Skill Skill

Taejo of Joseon, born Yi Seong-Gye, was the founder and the first king of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea and the main figure in overthrowing the Goryeo Dynasty.

Yi Seong-Gye joined the Goryeo army and gained power and respect during the late 1370s and early 1380s by pushing Mongol remnants off the peninsula and also by repelling well-organized Japanese pirates in a serios of successful engagements.

He declared a new dynasty in 1392-1393 under the name of Joseon, thereby reviving and older state, also known as Joseon, that was, legendarily, established nearly three thousand years previously and renamed the county the “Kingdom of Great Joseon”.

Yi Seong-Gye abdicated in 1308 during the strife between his son and died on May 23, 1408 I Changdeok Palace.

Yi Seong-Gye’s Skills

rain of arrows

1st –  Rain of Arrows

Active Skill
Rage Requirement: 1000
Deals direct damage to the enemy in a fan-shaped area. Can damage at most 5 targets.

600 / 800 / 1000 / 1200 / 1400

Make sure that you are putting 5 points into this skill before you move on!

art of archery

2nd –  Art of Archery

Passive Skill
Troops’ normal attacks have a 10% chance to grant additional rage and increase the attack of archer units for the next 3 seconds.

Rage Restored 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 100
Archer Attack Bonus 50% / 60 % / 70% / 80% / 100%

joseon dynasty

3rd –  Joseon Dynasty

Passive Skill
Increases the attack of the garrison and watchtower when this commander is serving as garrison commander.

Garrison/Watchtower Attack Bonus 1% / 2% / 3% / 4% / 5%


4th –  Destiny

Passive Skill
Increases active skill damage.

Skill Damage Bonus 20% / 25% / 30% / 40% / 50%

img 5e719afb5412c

5th –  Arrow Storm

Passive Skill
Deals direct damage (Damage Factor 1700) to the enemy in a circular area. Can damage at most 5 targets.

Levelling and Skill Up Priorities

  1. Keep at 1 star until the 1st skill is maxed.
  2. Then upgrade him to 2 stars and max his 2nd skill.
  3. If you don’t think you will be able to max his 2nd skill in a reasonable amount of time, take him to 4 stars straight after maxing his 1st skill. Or once you have skilled up his 2nd skill as much as you’ll be able to in a reasonable amount of time.
  4. If you have maxed his 2nd skill and can still upgrade more skills in a reasonable time, upgrade him to 3 stars and start maxing his 3rd skill.
  5. Upgrade him to 4 stars and max out his skills.
  6. Once you hit 4 stars, you can stop levelling Yi Seong Gye if you only plan to use him as a secondary. If he is a primary, continue levelling as far as your purposes require.


Yi Seong-Gye & El Cid

This is also a really nice commander pairing and even though it’s build for using all Archers it’s not that vulnerable when one player ruins it by bringing other troops than archers. With Yi Seong-Gye you have nice rage generation, AoE damage and synergies to boost the damage of both parties.

yi seong gye and el cid commander pairing

El Cid will also boost the damage of your army with his 4th skill by 25% as well as movement speed so they will work well in rallies – but you will need to have your El Cid leveled up enough to fully have the 4th skill active if you want to run this commander pairing well with a mixed army. If you don’t have the 4th skill of El Cid you rather want to use the next pairing.

YSG Talent Tree Builds

YSG Talent Tree – Arch Rage Build (Open Field)

This is the best build for any open field activity you’re planning to do with a lot of range and also march speed that is really needed for that:

yi seong gye open field archer rage build 1

Like I said, you want to get the bang but also the speed so when rebuilding this on a Yi Seong-Gye that is not fully maxed (what probably is the case), you want to create this build as follows:

Skill (30 Points) – your goal is to get the march speed first because this is what makes you catch other armies on the open field, if you’re slow you can deal as much damage as you like. So, work towards the 6% extra march speed in the skill tree first.

Archer (46 Points) – now it’s time to get as much bang as possible and buff your archer army up in the Archer tree. As you can see you want to get as much as possible out of it but you can’t get all the points in here (otherwise you would miss the extra march speed). All points here are well spent.

YSG Talent Tree – Arch Damage Build

This build here is an alternative build to the one above and focus less on rage but more on dealing damage in general. I personally favor the rage build more but depending on your secondary commander you might like this build more:

yi seong gye defensive archer damage build

The points are not that different here and the only difference compared to the build above is that you will go further down the skill tree before using the Archer tree, that’s it

Again, it’s an alternative build and as always it depends on your personal favors which one you will like more.

YSG Talent Tree – Rally Leader Build

If you want to lead a mixed army rally this build here is working best so far:

yi seong gye rally leading build 1

This is quite a popular build that also many in KvK used and it really works fine – here’s how to build it from scratch:

Skill (44 Points) – you’ll begin again in the skill tree first and get Rejuvenate at the top end position. This sudden restored rage is super valuable. From here on you should make your way over to Feral Nature. This is, in my opinion, the the first talents you want to get in this build.

Archer (30 Points) – now it’s time to work on the Archer tree and the first step would be to unlock  Razor Sharp and VEnomous Sting after that. If you got this you basically got it all done and the rest of your points is more like spending to spend them. I think the best option is getting Rapid Fire and Arrows Nocked in the archer tree as well because this makes most sense for this build.