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Zelda: Twilight Princess and Wind Waker ports to be revealed in September Nintendo Direct claim rumours

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD screenshot

Zelda: The Wind Waker sounds like it’s making another comeback (pic: Nintendo)

The latest rumours suggest that a Zelda focused Nintendo Direct is ‘100%’ planned for September, including two new Wii U ports.

A new Nintendo Direct is rumoured to be scheduled for this month and supposedly it will feature ‘a lot of Zelda stuff’, not just the sequel to Breath Of The Wild but also new ports of two older entries in the series.

The Wind Waker first appeared in 2002 on the GameCube and then as a Wii U remaster in 2013. Twilight Princess was first released for the GameCube and Wii in 2006 but was then remastered for the Wii U in 2016.

Given the number of Wii U ports that have already appeared on the Switch it did always seem inevitable that these would follow suit, even though neither are counted amongst the series’ best.

Although the cel-shaded art style of The Wind Waker was controversial in its day it’s now more widely accepted by fans, but the game’s rushed development led to at least one dungeon being cut and poor pacing in the final third of the story, that ruined its chance at true classic status.

Twilight Princess was a knee jerk reaction to The Wind Waker, which retreated to a more traditional (but often very ugly) art style and a disappointing obsession with trying to ape the look and feel of Ocarina Of Time. It does have some very good dungeons, but almost everything else is Zelda-by-numbers.

The games keep getting remastered simply because they’re easy to port, since with anything older the graphics are too outdated to be used without a significant upgrade. The only exception has been 2011’s controversial Skyward Sword, which saw a partial redemption with its recent Switch remaster.

The rumours come from serial leaker Jeff Grubb and GamesBeat managing editor Mike Minotti, who are ‘very, very sure’ about the two ports.

What they’re apparently less confident about is how much Breath Of The Wild 2 will be featured, and whether it’ll just be mentioned in passing or if it’ll get a more detailed preview.

Grubb suggests that the name may finally be revealed, which seems plausible as it’s now looking more likely that the next big gameplay reveal will probably be at The Game Awards in December – since the game itself isn’t due out until 2023.

There was also the suggestion that the long-rumoured Metroid Prime 1 remaster might also be revealed, but that seemed to be purely speculation rather than something Grubb has insider knowledge on.

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